TSA Finds Gun Hidden In Suitcase Lining

image: Gothamist/ TSA

The TSA finds lots of interesting things in people’s luggage. Recently, a 20 pound lobster was discovered (which was legal). They also blocked a giant Teddy bear from flying! Dangerous items like Lucille from the Walking Dead and a 3-D printed gun have also been discovered.

If you’re not sure if an item is allowed to be carried on or even placed in a checked bag, you can ask the TSA through Facebook Messenger.

Recently, the TSA found a gun smartly hidden in a checked bag at the airport.

The owner of the bag was supposed to fly from Newark Airport to Jamaica when the TSA “agents discovered the .22 caliber gun tied to the suitcase frame during a routine baggage check.”

Scanning machines noticed the gun in the man’s luggage and the agents then emptied the suitcase, unzipped the lining and found the unloaded weapon.

The unnamed man was then arrested by police in the terminal on weapons charges.

Guns are allowed to be packed in checked luggage so long as they’re “unloaded, packed in a hard sided case and locked upon presentation at the airline check-in counter“, according to Gothamist.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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