EasyJet Removes Unaccompanied Teen From Overbooked Flight

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It seems like airlines just can’t get it right when they overbook flights….

Low-cost airline EasyJet removed an unaccompanied teenager from an overbooked flight, leaving him by himsef at the gate. I could only imagine how scared and stressed out the boy must’ve been.

On Thursday morning, Casper Read, a 15 year-old boy was removed from the plane. He was flying from London’s Gatwick Airport to Toulouse to see his grandparents.

What’s even crazier about this situation is that Read had already boarded the plane.

EasyJet apologized about the flight being overbooked and said they were investigating why the boy was able to board the plane since “he should have been informed at the gate.”

EasyJet also mentioned that they do protect unaccompanied minors but it wasn’t followed this time. Fortune mentions that, ” According to EasyJet’s web site, it considers passengers as minors only up to the age of 14.” So this could certainly be why the procedure wasn’t followed…

Luckily Read’s mom, Stephanie Paul came back to the airport to help get him a new flight to Toulouse. Paul said, “If I had not been there I don’t know what would have happened – he’d have had no money for the train back or anything.”

EasyJet said that they will be offering compensation due to the situation.

It amazes me that the airline would remove a 15 year-old boy from a plane. You’d think some sort of filter would be in place to avoid such a situation from occurring. Also, how could EasyJet just leave Read all by himself at the gate with no help in finding a new flight to his destination?

I sure hope that the compensation is worth all of the headache that the boy had to endure.

Find out more from Fortune here.

2 thoughts on “EasyJet Removes Unaccompanied Teen From Overbooked Flight

  1. Donald O- 15 years old isn’t a little kid but also not an adult. Maybe not a big deal to you but the airline didn’t seem to even help the boy get another flight.

  2. Umm…15 years old is not a little kid. Besides, he’s just hanging around the airport waiting for the next flight, the most secure place you can possibly be these days. Not a big deal.

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