More Trouble For United Airlines- Baby Overheats On Plane Stuck On Tarmac

United Airlines
image: aero shots

It’s been a rough past few months for United Airlines with incidents piling up.

The main headline grabber was a passenger being dragged off of a United Airlines plane back in April. A few days later, a scorpion stung a passenger during a flight. Then a couple flying to their destination wedding was kicked off of a United flight. In May, a passenger had his reservation cancelled after arguing with a United agent.

Now a mom is saying that “United Airlines was ‘not equipped’ to handle the urgency when her infant son began to overheat while the aircraft sat on the tarmac during a heatwave“, according to the New York Post.

A 39 year-old mom, Emily France was on a United Airlines plane with her 4 month old baby, Owen at Denver International Airport for two hours while it was delayed on the tarmac.

The flight faced delays due to bad weather which required it to take a different route, requiring more fuel. She was able to leave the plane for around 20 minutes before being asked to board again.

Then the flight got delayed again due to weather. The plane got very hot so France hit the call button to complain about the heat.

The crew allowed her to stand by an open door and even brought bags of ice for her baby Owen. France said “that her son’s body was turning red and his eyes  rolled back in his head“. It got even worse when “he went limp” in her arms.

The airline said that the situation should’ve never happened, apologized and are looking into what took place so it never happens again.

After the captain called for help, it took 16 minutes for medical care to get to the boy. He was then treated at the hospital and released.

Find out more from the NY Post here.

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