There’s A Museum of Failure in Sweden

museum of failure
image: Museum of Failure Instagram

Over the years I’ve written about a variety of odd and interesting museums. While I’m not a big fan of traditional museums, if they seem to be a bit bizarre, I’m probably interested in checking it out.

Here are some interesting museums that I’ve visited:

Kim sent me an article about an odd and interesting museum which just opened in Sweden. The Museum of Failure focuses on “products that flopped“, according to the Washington Post.

The museum opened on June 7 in the town of Helsinborg. Clinical Psychologist Samuel West came up with the idea while on vacation.

The Museum of Failure features items that weren’t well received. The WashPost mentions products like “Green Heinz ketchup,  Fat-free Pringles and Colgate frozen lasagna“!

West mentions that most products fail (around 80-90%). We never hear about them or see them but he feels that we can learn from them.

Some other products displayed are Coke’s BlaK coffee, Pepsi Crystal (pretty sure I tried it and liked it) and Harley Davidson cologne. President Donald Trump is also represented with the board game “Trump: I’m Back and You’re Fired”.

The museum will be open until at least the beginning of September.

Would you be interested in visiting a museum all about failed products? I definitely would!

Find out more from the Washington Post here.

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