Find Out Why NHL Star Patrick Kane Gave Up His 1st Class Seat

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I’ve heard many stories about people in premium cabins trading their seats with members of the military as a way to say thanks. However, back in 2014 a NFL star was duped by a fake Marine.

While I’m not a hockey fan it was still nice to come across the story of NHL Star and Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane giving up his first class seat recently for a uniformed serviceman.

Terri Truss, an American Airlines flight attendant described what took place on Twitter, according to

Patrick Kane went over to Truss and “offered to switch seats with the military member“.

Kane said how he’d like the soldier to sit up front and said he’d go to the back. Truss asked him if he was sure and Kane said yes.

Truss also mentioned that the soldier “appreciated the gesture” and went to the back of the plane to thank Kane during the flight. He also said that Kane was awesome!

With all of the negative news going on regarding airlines kicking passengers off and passengers fighting with each other during flights, it’s nice to come across a story like this.

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image: Twitter @TerriTruss

3 thoughts on “Find Out Why NHL Star Patrick Kane Gave Up His 1st Class Seat

  1. Glenn- So true! While in the Centurion Lounge at LGA last summer, I sent my son (4 at the time) to say something to a young soldier. He seemed to really appreciate it and others were smiling too. Thanks for your service!

  2. Every military service member appreciates it when they are publically recognized even if it is not with a First Class seat!

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