Is Rideshare Service Juno Now Available at NYC Airports?


Rideshare services like Uber have definitely disrupted the transportation industry. They’ve proven to be quite popular, giving users the ability to request a ride with a few clicks on their phone while also getting better prices than taxis.

There are a bunch of rideshare services out there. I’ve only used Uber and Lyft but I’ve heard good things about Juno (from an Uber driver!) a while back.

I tried using Juno a few times but it was never available when I attempted to request a ride.

I just received an e-mail mentioning that “Juno is cleared for landing” and that “you can now request a ride when you arrive to either of the New York airports“.

This means that when you arrive at JFK or LGA you can now request a ride from Juno.

This could definitely be a good thing and maybe it will help to lower the cost of rides from NYC airports.

I tried requesting a ride from JFK and LaGuardia Airports. I was just curious about the price but I wasn’t able to get one. A message by JFK Airport on the map stated “we’re not here yet”. The same happened when I put LGA in.

The app also stated Juno has not yet launched in your area. If this is the case, then why did I receive an e-mail stating that I could request a ride from the two NYC airports?

Have any of you been able to request a car from Juno at JFK or LaGuardia? If so, I’m curios how the prices were compared to Uber and Lyft.

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