Man Removed from Delta Airlines Flight Because He Had To Pee

Delta Boeing 757

Passengers getting removed from planes have been big news stories in recent weeks. I won’t get into the big one which happened with United…

A couple was kicked off of a flight on their way to their destination wedding a couple of weeks back. Air India has a plan to fine disruptive passengers who cause flight delays.

Delta Airlines is now making headlines for kicking a passenger off of a flight because he had to go!

While waiting for the Delta Airlines plane to takeoff from Atlanta, Kima Hamilton claims he couldn’t wait to use the bathroom. CNN reports that he said it was “at an emergency stage“.

Hamilton was on a flight heading back to Milwaukee when he got up to use the bathroom before takeoff and then returned to his seat. A Delta Airlines employee then came over to him and had a conversation which was recorded by another passenger.

When the employee asked Hamilton to come with him, he said how he didn’t understand why he had to leave a plane he bought a ticket for.

Hamilton is heard saying, “I had an emergency. I had to pee. … And now I’m being kicked off the plane.” Classic…

Then, another Delta employee spoke to Hamilton and he ultimately left the plane.

The other passengers also had to deplane and re-board. The plane ended up arriving in Milwaukee and hour and a half late. All that wasted time just for a tinkle!

Hamilton ended up buying a ticket with another airline to get home that night. Delta had already refunded him for the flight he was removed from.

Crazy stuff. I’ve seen people run to the bathroom before takeoff many times. I’m not sure of the rules, but it never resulted in anyone being kicked off of the plane.

(image: wikicommons)

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