Does It Matter What Name Is On A Domestic Lap Baby Ticket?

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Theo was born at the end of August 2016 and at six months old he’s already flown 16 flight segments and just under 20,000 miles. (Theo took his 1st flight at 7 weeks old.)

On every flight Theo has flown as a lap baby. When you fly to an international destination, lap baby tickets have a fee. If you’re flying domestic, you won’t have to pay anything extra but the baby will still need a ticket.

During a recent trip to Ireland we had a lot of problems adding Theo as a lap baby. Find out how Theo’s lap baby ticket cost over $350 and that was in coach!

Over this past weekend, we flew to Buffalo for a very quick visit. I added Theo on as a lap baby around a month back and didn’t think much of it since then.

When we showed up at JFK airport, we headed to a kiosk to print our tickets. It was really nice that the lap baby showed up on the screen with Kim’s confirmation number.

While pulling up our tickets we noticed something really odd. Kim’s ticket was showing up along with an infant ticket for Phel W.

My first thought was to laugh. I then wondered who Phel was! Does Theo sound anything like Phel? I think not. (Kim’s guess is that when adding him on the ticket, the agent must have heard P for T and L for O.)

Kim asked if we should say something and have the name changed. I immediately said no! It didn’t make sense to waste our time! It’s not like an ID is needed for anyone under the age of 18 on a domestic flight.

I also found it quite humorous.

During the next day or two, I called Theo his JetBlue name, “Phel” multiple times. I also mentioned that it was funny that this situation took place on the way to BuPhelo. Get it, Buffalo? Or maybe the agent thought we were big Dr. Phel fans! (Yeah, bad jokes, I know…)

While going through security at Buffalo Niagara Airport I was holding Theo. The friendly TSA agent says this must be Phel (pronounced it like fell). She then mentioned it was nice how the ticket said infant on it!

So there you have it. It doesn’t really matter what name is put on a lap baby ticket or the ticket of anyone under the age of 18 on a domestic flight. It isn’t like the TSA agent is going to ask for their ID.

5 thoughts on “Does It Matter What Name Is On A Domestic Lap Baby Ticket?

  1. Anonymous- Glad you mentioned this. Kim said what if they asked Lucas, our older son the baby’s name. I would’ve said his middle name is Theo, first name Phel. lol

    Flyingdoctorwu- Yes and no. Southwest does not require a birth certificate but there is a chance they’ll ask for one. For instance, Lucas flew tons of flights as a lap baby on Southwest. We weren’t asked for a birth certificate until his last flight before turning 2. This caused an issue since we didn’t have it. We were forced to buy a ticket but when we wrote Southwest, we were refunded plus given a credit for the problem.

    Theo flew Southwest at 7 weeks old as a lap baby. We were not asked for a birth certificate. I think it was pretty obvious that he was under 2 years old…

    1. Every time I have flown on southwest with a lap baby, even at 8 weeks old, I was required to show a birth certificate! Be careful!

  2. Some airlines will require a birth certificate (Southwest does) so it might matter which name is on the lap baby ticket

  3. True re not asking for ID. But I just completed a domestic segment where I had a ticket for my 8 year old but my 6 year flew instead. TSA agent DID ask him his name. Fortunately he knew he was going to be his older brother for this trip so he gave the (in) Appropriate response and we passed through. Pretty tough to explain to him lying to gov officials is ok

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