Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Members Can Get Discounted CLEAR Membership

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I recently received an e-mail about a new benefit for Delta SkyMiles credit card members.

Most of us want to get through security at the airport as quickly as possible. One option, while limited for doing so is with CLEAR. According to their website, with CLEAR you can go through security lines in less than 5 minutes.

Memberships for CLEAR cost $179 but if you have a Delta SkyMiles credit card you can get a pretty steep discount. While $179 sounds pretty pricey, the discounted price comes to $79. A $100 discount is definitely pretty nice.

Where is CLEAR available? 

CLEAR is currently available at 21 U.S. airports with another on the way.

Check out the list: delta skymiles

Will I sign up for CLEAR?

I’m going to pass on this offer although it is a decent benefit for Delta SkyMiles credit card holders. Considering how limited CLEAR is, I don’t see myself getting a good value out of signing up.

I do think CLEAR could be useful for those of you who fly through airports where the service is available on a consistent basis. I also like how members traveling with kids under the age of 18 can bring them through the CLEAR lanes for free.

What do you think about this new Delta SkyMiles credit card perk? Is CLEAR a good value for $79 or is it a not so useful service?

Find out more about the offer here.

7 thoughts on “Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Members Can Get Discounted CLEAR Membership

  1. Appreciate the article, and I checked out the link, but I’m seeing the “General Membership” fee listed as $99 – which takes this Delta deal down to a $20 savings. Hard to see the value here when Global Entry (and therefore TSA Precheck) is $100 for 5 years, and covered by many credit cards. Still though, glad to see private companies like Clear providing competition in the U.S.

  2. TCW- CLEAR charges a yearly fee.

    Ben K- Thx for answering!

    RJB- That stinks.

    Joey- Right and only if you are a frequent flyer…

    Geoff- That scenario does make it sound tempting!

  3. $79 for an adult and two kids on a Sunday thru LAS? Yup. It works beautifully. Jump the entire line with essentially an escort right up to baggage screening with Pre-check. Takes less than 3 minutes while the line snakes towards the escalators.

  4. I got Clear membership as a benefit of my Delta Diamond status. I ended up paying the discounted $79 for my boyfriend (at the time, this was a “benefit” to Diamond family members – so much for that). I think it’s worth doing if you fly out of airports frequently that have clear. Now that they have it at JFK and LGA, it’s worth it to us.

  5. I paid for Clear years ago but they went bankrupt and kept my money. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

  6. Is it $179 (discounted to $79) per year or per five years, like Global Entry? If that fee is for one year, I’ll pass.

    1. That is $79 discounted every year. I have clear and love it. I am waiting here for it at LAX all terminals! I have Delta credit card

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