Most American Airlines Credit Card Holders Will Not Board With Golds

American Airlines

Recently, American Airlines announced a new, simplified boarding process, which started on March 1.

The new boarding process has 9 groups which will make your boarding position easier to understand. However, the new process caused a bit of confusion.

I wrote about the new American Airlines boarding process on February 23. My post garnered a few comments and concerns about the upcoming changes.

The biggest concerns came with the new Group 4.

In Group 4, the new AA boarding chart showed two sections:

The top section includes AA Gold and oneworld Ruby. The section below (still Group 4) shows Alaska Airlines MVP members, AirPass, Citi Executive cardmembers and customers who bought Priority boarding.

One reader wondered if AA Gold would be let onboard before what seemed like a second Group 4. And if so, wasn’t that really Group 5? A couple of other readers saw it that both Group 4’s would board at the same time, meaning essentially a downgrade for Gold members.

Soon after responding to the comments, I received two e-mails from Citi AAdvantage card with the subject “Update regarding your early boarding benefit“.

While it does appear that both Group 4s will board at the same time, that does not include all AA credit card holders like one reader assumed. (I overlooked this too.)

American Airlines credit card holders will move from Group 1 to the new Group 5. If you still hold the Citi AA Executive card, then you will board with Group 4’s.

While this new boarding process does appear to be a downgrade for  American Airlines Gold status holders, most AA credit card holders will not be boarding in the same group.

As for the two Group 4 lists, I still would love to know why AA divided it this way.

Any ideas?

Check out the new AA Boarding Process chart here.

4 thoughts on “Most American Airlines Credit Card Holders Will Not Board With Golds

  1. I appreciate the Active Duty with ID card is maintained. BTW I never use overhead bin space, so we’re all not a PInTA 😉

  2. Poor planning is my guess on this mistake by AA. If the goal was to clarify things this is a fail. By having “American Citi Credit Card Holders” in two sub groups it will confuse those with regular cards versus those with the “Executive” version. The problem isn’t going to be on paper it will be with the credit card holders. My theory is that the gate agent will announce” Group 4 Gold, One World Ruby and Citi Executive Credit Card Holders” and all those in Group 4B will hear is “Group 4….Citi….Credit Card…” and they will head toward the line.
    I think over time it will all just mix Group 4 together and as a result Gold elite members just got downgraded. It was stupid to have two groups together under Group 4.

  3. Seeming like two groups because it say one world ruby and then expands into AA gold members and other ruby members from one world partners.

  4. steve- I have no problem or issue with military being given an early- boarding benefit. I’d like to see the airlines do upgrades when possible to as a small way of saying thanks.

    DaninMCI- It does seem like a fail in many ways. It would be nice to see AA revise this and make the second part of Group 4, a Group 5 and then adjust accordingly… I can’t see AA really caring what any of us thinks though! 🙂

    Joluis- Do you mean that AA Gold should have priority over oneworld Ruby?

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