The Oddest Airline Passenger I’ve Ever Seen

airline passenger

The other day the Michael W Travels Family flew on Iberia Airlines to Madrid on the way to our final destination, Dublin, Ireland.

I have to say that Iberia did not impress me at all. I felt claustrophobic in the seat and customer service wasn’t great either. The movie options during the flight were crappy too, but at least the meal was tasty although a bit salty!

Soon after taking our seats, I turned around and noticed what might just be the oddest airline passenger that I’ve ever seen on a flight.

A passenger doesn’t have to be a human being, does it? Well in this case it wasn’t, it was a cello. Yes, a cello as in the musical instrument!

I found the cello to be an odd passenger considering a $20,000,000 violin wasn’t allowed on a plane last year as a carry-on. (Although it is allowed on as long as it fits in the overhead bin or under a seat.)

However, there is no chance a cello would be allowed on as a carry-on.

airline passenger

My guess is that the owner (bald head with headphones) bought his cello a seat on the flight. I was just curious about a few things.

  1. How do you purchase a seat for a non- human passenger?
  2. Does the cello get offered a meal?
  3. Does the cello earn frequent flyer miles?

While a cello might be an odd airline passenger, it probably makes for a decent neighbor. The cello won’t start awkward conversations or take up the armrest!

airline passengerThe cello (and owner) were sitting a couple of rows behind us during the flight but they made it off of the plane before us.

airline passenger

We passed them though on the moving sidewalk.

airline passenger

The cello appears to be a EU passport holder as the owner got on that line at passport control.

What’s the oddest airline passenger that you’ve ever come across during a flight?

8 thoughts on “The Oddest Airline Passenger I’ve Ever Seen

    1. Michael, I was flying with 2 kids after spending a day in NYC… By the time we took off altogether almost 2 hours late, I wasn’t too aware of the surroundings 🙂

  1. I had a funniest experience with cellos on board:

    our flight on Aeroflot JFK-SVO was delayed for about an hour because FA’s headcount would not reconcile with number of boarding passes scanned. They were running up and down isles, with hand counters and without trying to get the correct count. As you guessed already, the problem was a cello, having it’s own boarding pass.

  2. Seriously, it would have to be the honeymooners carrying a large cake, a gift from the airline, eat it, gulping, with a small spoon, who then sat upright it’s their airline blankets over their heads and bodies, completely shrouded.

  3. Given how (badly) ramp crew treat checked luggage and the value of these instruments, this guy’s smart to simply buy a ticket.

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