Bahamas Swimming Pigs Were Given Alcohol

Swimming Pigs
image: wikicommons

A couple of days back I wrote about the mysterious, tragic death of one of the Bahamas most popular attractions, the swimming pigs in Exuma.

While I have no real desire to visit the Bahamas (I briefly visited years back), I’ve long wanted to see these swimming pigs in person.

It is still unknown as to what caused many of the beloved pigs to die but one theory was that they ate something poisonous. If this theory held up, it’s possible that it was done on purpose yet not likely.

I just came across an article from T+L with an update about the swimming pigs.

T+L mentions that “Some now believe the cause of death was tourists… The pigs may have died at the hands of rowdy tourists“.

One of the pig’s owners, Wayde Nixon said that the pigs are given alcohol like beer and rum. He says that people also ride on them. Bahamas Humane Society President, Kim Aranha said that “silly sailors feed them alcohol to try to get them drunk,” according to

Could alcohol have been the cause of death for so many of the swimming pigs? It’s definitely possible but we won’t know for sure until the investigation is completed.

4 thoughts on “Bahamas Swimming Pigs Were Given Alcohol

  1. Lee- So true and I sure hope it was something else that killed the pigs. I’d rather it be a freak accident than just stupidity.

    Christian- It is sad and than’s for the correction on the typo!

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