Woman Opens Emergency Exit of Taxiing Plane, Jumps Out

emergency exit
image: wikimedia commons

Lots of crazy things seem to happen on planes.

Early in 2016 Delta flight attendants got into a fight and the plane had to make an unscheduled landing. Some passengers like to bring strange animals on flights.

A man even opened the emergency exit on a plane to help a mom with screaming child.

Earlier this past week a woman opened the emergency exit on a flight right after it landed for no apparent reason!

The plane was taxiing down a runway in Houston when the woman opened the emergency exit door and jumped out, “startling passengers onboard” according to CNN.

The United Airlines flight had started out in New Orleans on Monday. Maybe too much partying in New Orleans was the cause of this bizarre incident but no details were mentioned for why the woman opened the door and jumped.

Surprisingly the woman wasn’t charged with committing any crime. She was treated for non-life threatening injuries though.

Find out more about the incident and check out a short video from the flight at CNN here.

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