TSA Blocks Giant Teddy Bear From Flying at LAX

tsaThe TSA can be very tough with all of their rules regarding what can and can’t get through security as a carry-on.

Blades of a certain length are not allowed, guns, ammo, baseball bats, liquids and even giant Teddy Bears are not allowed!

Most of the items I mentioned above should not be allowed to be brought on as a carry-on but what trouble could a giant Teddy Bear cause on a plane?

Apparently the TSA and the airline decided the bear was just too big to be screened as a carry on for the flight. Due to this, according to the TSA’s Instagram account  the owners then abandoned the over-sized cuddly bear at LAX.

The tip to learn from this is to always check with your airline if you plan carry-on  anything out of the ordinary.

When I checked the TSA’s Instagram before I got ready to post this story, it turned out that there was an update!

The TSA watched a YouTube video posted by the traveler, finding out that he’s a “popular YouTuber and this was a stunt“!

The guy wanted to see if he could get the giant bear on the plane. His story was that he bought the bear for his girlfriend! He also bought a ticket for the bear. Talk about a ridiculous stunt!

When the airline and TSA said that the bear was too big to be scanned, he was offered a refund for the ticket. He was also given the option to “check the bear as checked baggage”! He decided not to check the bear and instead left him behind at the airport!

The TSA posts great stuff to Instagram and this is one of the funnier stories that I’ve come across in a while!

Check out the TSA’s Instagram post about the ditched bear here.

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