Ashton Kutcher Loves This TSA Dogs Program!

Ashton KutcherKim recently sent me a link to an interesting Facebook post from Ashton Kutcher. The post wasn’t much more than a video about how you can adopt trained TSA Dogs.

The video was really cute and it explained why the TSA would put the dogs up for adoption.

Maybe they didn’t make it through training or do well with detecting explosives. Some might be available since they retired from service.

These kind of TSA Dogs are available for free. There’s a catch though. If you’d like to adopt one of these dogs, you’ll have to go to San Antonio, Texas. The TSA says that the dogs might not be able to sniff bombs but they can bring serious cuddle skills! That skill will probably be good enough for the average adopter.

Check out the video for yourself:

After watching the video, I googled TSA Dogs and was surprised by what I found out.

According to “If you’ve wanted to adopt one of the TSA dogs that didn’t pass the explosives detection training or are retiring from service, there’s some bad news“.

Due to an overwhelming response, they currently do not have any dogs who need to be adopted! In the last year alone, the TSA has received over “5,000 inquiries about adopting dogs through the center“. (My guess is that if Ashton Kutcher wanted to adopt one of these dogs, he wouldn’t have much trouble getting one!)

If you’d like to adopt a TSA dog, there might be some available in the spring.

While this is bad for those looking to adopt a dog, this is great news for the TSA’s adopt a dog program!

Find out more from here.

And for those of you who don’t want to adopt a TSA dog, maybe you just want to learn a bit about these highly skilled canines. You can do so by collecting the TSA Dog cards.

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