Win A Lufthansa First Class Duck!

lufthansa first class
image: Twitter

Many of us know that Lufthansa First Class Ducks are highly sought after and can fetch a nice amount of $$$ on eBay.

These special rubber duckies are hard to come by, only available at Lufthansa First Class lounges and in the First Class Terminal.

You could always try to buy one online or you could try to win one from Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal Twitter account!

Every week, the @Lufthansa_FCT (on Twitter) runs a contest, asking a question related to the FCT.  The person who guesses closest to the correct answer is the winner and they’re awarded a special Lufthansa duck!

I’ve never visited the Lufthansa First Class Lounges or the Terminal but I have won two ducks from these Twitter contests!

Here are some posts about my wins:

For this week’s contest you need to answer the question:

Can you guess how many avocados are served in the FCT every year?

How To Enter:

  • Go to Twitter and follow @Lufthasa_FCT
  • Then answer the question mentioned above.
  • In your answer make sure to include #FCTduck and #FCTfacts

Enter by November 17, 2016.

Do you collect Lufthansa First Class Ducks? I wouldn’t really consider myself a collector since I’m not willing to purchase them on eBay but I would like to win some more from these contests!

Find out more and enter to win a Lufthansa Duck by responding to their tweet here.

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