What I Redeemed My Remaining AA Business Extra Points For

aa business extraLast week I wrote about my AA Business Extra points redemption being valued at $894.40.

The redemption mentioned above accounted for the bulk of my points, leaving my account with 738 to spare.

With my last 738 AA Business Extra points set to expire on December 31, I wanted to use them before losing them.

My points balance didn’t give me many options but I did come up with two.

Option 1:

aa business extra

I could get an Admirals Club Day Pass for 300 points. My remaining points would allow me to get two passes.

Option 2:

aa business extra

I could redeem my points for a One-Segment Upgrade for 650 points.

My Decision:

I wasn’t overly excited with either option but it didn’t make sense to just let my remaining points expire.

I decided that a One-Segment Upgrade wouldn’t really do the Michael W Travels family much good considering that 95% of the time we’re booking 3 seats on a flight. Would one of us to take the upgrade while the others sit in the back? Not likely.

The AA Admirals Clubs passes made a lot more sense for us.

By redeeming my points for two passes, I can’t imagine that it would be a problem to bring the whole family in. (Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know what the lounge policy is for little kids.) When we’ve visited the lounge with the AA Executive Platinum Club card, it never was an issue…

So in the end I got two Admirals Club Day Passes for 600 points, leaving 138 points leftover which will just expire.

Which option would you have chosen if you were in my position?

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