There’s a $15,000 Cruise Sailing To Mystery Destinations

mystery destinations
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While I’m not a fan of cruises, I’d like to think that when picking which one to go on, the destinations you visit play a role in your decision. Then again, when you go on a cruise, maybe you choose your ship more so for the amenities onboard.

I’ve only been on one cruise and quickly decided that it wasn’t the style of travel that I most enjoy…

According to The Telegraph, there is a “new secret cruise” which will take you to “mystery destinations“.

Passengers who sign up for the 16 night cruise will be going away without much knowledge of where they will go, stop at or fly during their journey.

The cruise also won’t be cheap. Priced at  £12,339 (over $15,000 US), the Secret Sailway Cruise from the Bolsover Cruise Club will depart March 18, 2017.

Although passengers won’t be told where they’re going, they can try to figure it out by solving riddles!

The Telegraph mentions how “Travellers will receive details on where, when and what ship to board on arrival at the departure point of the 16-night trip“. However, if you really need to know where you’ll be going, once you pay for your spot onboard you can choose to get the full itinerary.

This sounds like it could be a cool way to add more fun to the cruise experience.

If price wasn’t an issue, would you consider booking a cruise to mystery destinations?

Find out more from The Telegraph here.

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