Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Drives for Uber

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Uber drivers come from all walks of life. Some might do it while changing careers, to make some extra cash or as their full-time gig.

In March 2015 I wrote about a college basketball star who drove for Uber.

I just came across news that Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse also drives for Uber!

I’d assume that senators make a pretty decent salary and Yahoo mentions that Sasse is worth close to $1.5 million. So why would he bother to drive people around on weekends?

Yahoo said that “in a series of tweets, Ben Sasse explained his decision to get behind the wheel by saying he works “alongside and for” the people of the Cornhusker state“.

And working for the people he does… The money he earns by driving for Uber goes to charity. It turns out that senators aren’t even allowed to make extra money outside of their “congressional service“.

While I can’t claim to have ever heard of Senator Ben Sasse before, Yahoo mentions that he is one of president-elect Donald Trump’s biggest critics.

What do you think about a US Senator driving for Uber for charity? I think it’s a really nice gesture and probably a great way for Sasse to meet the people he represents!

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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One thought on “Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Drives for Uber

  1. I used to be a follower of Benn Sasses he stepped in it hope his next election he will loose so he can join the Dem party I will not vote for him as he became a Stoge of Obama

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