How Did Kim Get To Fly Without Her ID?

fly without idIn late October, the Michael W Travels family went on a quick trip to Portland, Oregon. This would be the first flight for Theo!

Our day started out very early and before heading over to security at LaGuardia Airport, we stopped by the Amex Centurion Lounge for a quick breakfast.

When we got to security we then encountered a problem. Kim’s NYC ID wasn’t considered a valid form of identification according to the TSA.

Kim looked through her bag and it turned out that she forgot to bring either of the usual forms of identification she usually brings when we travel- her passport or Global Entry card.

I wasn’t overly worried since I knew that even if you forgot your ID, you could still fly.

The TSA officers were helpful right away. We were told that they would use alternate means of ID to verify Kim’s identity and that a supervisor would be called.

I don’t recall what the officers asked Kim to provide but she ended up showing a credit card. They looked it over and then asked if she had another. (Well of course she did!)

Kim’s two credit cards were accepted as valid ID which allowed her to pass through security. (The female officer also checked her carry-on and gave her a full pat down.)

I then wondered what would happen on the way home from Portland.

The officer took Kim’s NYC ID, looked at it for a few moments, possibly confused by it and then scribbled whatever it is that they write on the ticket and allowed her to proceed.

So in NYC they know that the NYC ID is not a valid ID at the airport but in Portland it was accepted.

The bottom line is that even if you forget your ID when you have a domestic flight, all hope is not lost- you still can fly so long as you can be verified other ways.

Have you ever forgot your ID when you went to the airport? If so, what did the TSA officers accept instead?

4 thoughts on “How Did Kim Get To Fly Without Her ID?

  1. My daughter, a NYC resident had her wallet stolen the night before flying to Colorado. She brought her 3-month expired passport and TSA accepted that, said for Id purposes it was good 6 months or a year (I can’t remember which) after expiry. Didn’t have to go thru additional screening.

  2. Shaun- When I fly domestic, I always use my NYS drivers license. Kim only had the NYC ID on her! Not sure whatever happened with some state licenses not being accepted by the TSA.

    Joey- Wow- I’m a bit surprised. The NYC ID isn’t really a valid ID unless you use it in NYC. At PDX they had no clue and accepted Kim’s without issue though like I mentioned above!

  3. So odd, I use my NY ID all the time out of JFK and LGA and have had no problems. But yes, I do try to keep a back up ID (passport, etc) since I know the issues with the NY ID.

  4. Have flown out of NYC twice in last two weeks (JFK and LGA), using only my NY state drivers license, and both times was processed through TSA without a blink of an eye. Thought they had decided to hold off on that nonsense of denying certain state photo IDs.

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