Real Housewives Star Says She Was Kicked Off Hawaiian Airlines Flight

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I can’t say that I’ve ever watched the Real Housewives but one of the show’s stars claims that she was recently kicked off of a Hawaiian Airlines flight.

Kandi Buruss says that she and her husband were kicked off of the flight “for no reason“.

Buruss posted a video to Instagram of the plane at the gate telling us to never fly Hawaiian Airlines!

Here is what took place according to the Real Housewives Instagram post.

Buruss says she was sitting in her seat when a gate agent┬ácame on and asked to see her ticket because it wasn’t showing up in the system. She handed her ticket over (which had her baggage claim ticket on the back) and the agent┬ánever brought it back.

When the plane started moving, she asked the flight attendant about the ticket, saying she needed it in case her bags didn’t make it onto the flight.

Here is where things get sketchy.

The flight attendant walked away and came back soon after, saying the pilot was calling to check on it. Soon after a lady came on the plane and told Buruss and her husband that they needed to leave the plane due to causing a commotion.

Buruss says that she didn’t say much to the flight attendant.

Is this the case of an airline jumping the gun and booting off a passenger for asking about a missing ticket or could the Real Housewives star not be sharing the full details of what took place?

Find out more from FOX News here.

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  1. Why is her word being questioned here? I see stories daily of people sharing their experiences. Why are you questioning her word?

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