Free Shuttle to Great Dining Option Near Boston Logan Airport

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It’s been a long time since I’ve been to LAX and even longer since I actually left the airport to explore the city. For quite some time I’ve heard of a hack (so to speak) where you could get a free shuttle ride to an In-N-Out by LAX.

(FYI- The free In-N-Out shuttle option ended around a year and a half back.)

A few weeks back I headed to Boston with my brother for a quick visit due to the JetBlue points match promo. Find out what I did during my 7 Hours in Boston.

Our flight from Newark (EWR) arrived in Boston at around 11:40 AM so our first order of business was lunch. I did some research to find out some of the top pizzerias and burger places in the city.

It turned out that a pizzeria that I had long wanted to visit was very close to Boston Logan Airport. Due to this, Santarpio’s Pizza was going to be our first stop.

The night before our trip, my brother and I mapped out some things and it appeared that Santarpio’s was a quick 12 minute walk from the airport. However, when we exited the airport and mapped directions, it now said that our walk would be something like 32 minutes. (I mapped it again when I got home and Google Maps said the walk would be 25 minutes from the Terminal C arrivals area.)

With only 7 hours in Boston, we had to think quick since we didn’t want to waste our energy and time on a 30 minute walk.

After some discussion, we noticed that a couple of hotels were close to Santarpio’s.

My brother and I then came up with a genius plan…

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We could take the Embassy Suites airport shuttle to the hotel and then walk (around 5 minutes) to Santarpio’s.

After deciding on this option, we headed over to the hotel shuttle pickup area and waited a few minutes for the shuttle to arrive. Once inside we enjoyed the air conditioning and made it over to the hotel in another 5 minutes.

The driver was very friendly and chatty. He even offered us a bottle of water/ reminded us to take a bottle from the cooler at the front of the bus. We figured, why not accept the generosity (and stay hydrated) since it was offered multiple times.

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We made sure to tip the driver a couple of bucks and then stepped off the bus!

Our plan was to not make it obvious that we weren’t staying at the hotel so we hung around a minute or two before circling back to head over to our lunch destination!

So for $1 each we got a transfer over to the Embassy Suites Boston Logan Airport and a bottle of water. You have to assume the water alone would cost $1+ at a store so if you ask me, this was a definite bargain!

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image: Google Maps

If you’re interested in dining on excellent pizza at Santarpio’s during a layover at Boston Logan Airport or if you’d just like to head over there before exploring the city, here is a good way to get there with little to no expense:

  1. Head over to the hotel shuttle pickup area
  2. Get on the Embassy Suites shuttle bus
  3. (Optional but suggested) Tip the driver and take a bottle of water from cooler
  4. Hang around for a minute or two outside the hotel to not make it obvious as to what you are doing!
  5. When facing the hotel from the outside, walk to the right on Porter Street and walk around 5.5 blocks to Santarpio’s which is on the left at the corner of Chelsea Street

There you have it.

In-N-Out might be out as an airport shuttle dining destination but you can dine on tasty pizza at Santarpio’s in Boston!

Just a reminder- the shuttle to Embassy Suites is free but I highly recommend tipping the driver for the favor!

Santarpio’s Pizza is located at 111 Chelsea Street in East Boston.

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