Chinese Tourists Charged Over $4000 For Hummus

chinese tourists
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Generally speaking, Chinese tourists are known to behave badly when visiting new places. They’re even given behavior manuals in Thailand.

However, you’ve got to wonder, does poor behavior by some tourists, just make the group as a whole look bad?

This group of 8 did nothing wrong to get charged over $4,000 for a meal at the Israeli-Arab hummus restaurant in Abu Ghosh!

It is possible that the tourists just got charged for what they ordered but this doesn’t seem likely. The Washington Post is reporting that “the Israeli Foreign Ministry launched a search for the group in an attempt to figure out why the tourists were charged so much“.

The article also mentions how hummus restaurants are known to be a good value so how did 8 people spend over $500 per person on their meal?

The restaurant’s owner says the charges were legit and no funny business went on but it’s definitely hard to believe. The group ordered lots of pricey liquor and a whole lamb. They also had a private room which caused part of the restaurant to be closed on a Friday night.

Israel’s foreign minister and Israeli embassy in China are trying to find the tourists to hear their side of the story. Maybe they did just go crazy and order everything in sight!

The restaurant’s owner makes a good point in asking why the group left a 10% tip if they thought that they’d bee cheated. He also claims that the Chinese tourists knew the prices in advance.

Find out more from the Washington Post here.

6 thoughts on “Chinese Tourists Charged Over $4000 For Hummus

  1. chinese tourists are known to behave badly? Generally speaking? How racist is that? You should apologize to most of the Chinese tourists that behave very well. APOLOGIZE

  2. They booked the whole place for 8 hours and kept drinking top shelf alchohol. I love how you report stuff without fact checks.

  3. Dave- Thanks for the info.

    Rick- I don’t believe that anything I wrote was racist. Why did the Chinese government publish the Guide to Civilized Tourism and Travel. They must be racist against their own people I guess…

    Shay- The article does not say that they booked the whole place. It says that they had a private room in the restaurant. It also does not say that they kept drinking top shelf alcohol, it itemized the prices for each category of food/ drink. Also not sure where you saw that the 10% tip was mandatory….

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