Stranded in Micronesia, Rescued Thanks to SOS in Sand

image: US Embassy Kolonia (Facebook)

A couple of years back I wrote about 5 snorkelers being rescued on the Whitsunday Islands in Australia thanks to writing an SOS in the sand.

When thinking of being stranded on an island, thoughts that come to mind are competitors on the show Survivor and Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway.

Well it happened again… “Two stranded mariners were rescued Friday after crews saw their “SOS” in the sand on an uninhabited island in Micronesia, Hawaii News Now reports,” according to an article I came across on Yahoo News.

The US Navy spotted the duo on the beach who then passed on their location to the US Coast Guard in Guam.

It was reported that an 18 foot vessel had gone missing back on August 19. The couple had set off from Weno Island on August 17 and were supposed to arrive on Tamatam Island the following day.

While the giant SOS in the sand may have helped with the rescue, that’s not what really seems to have gotten the two saved. A couple of days before being found, a ship saw flashing lights on the island who then alerted the US Navy.

Either way, spending over a week on an uninhabited island, while it sounds like fun, must’ve been pretty challenging and not something that I’d want to do.

According to the US Embassy Kolonia Facebook page, the couple was identified as Linus and Sapina Jack.

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