Did Lucas & I Conquer Big Jud’s 1lb Burger in Boise

Big Juds

Lucas and I recently went on a trip to Boise, Idaho.

This was our first time to the state of Idaho and we spent our time primarily in Boise.

When we arrived after a long day of flying, we checked into our hotel and then headed out for dinner. Our destination was Big Jud’s, a restaurant that I came across from the TV show Man vs Food due to their burger challenges.

big juds

When we arrived at the restaurant, there was big decision that I needed to make!

Do I order a regular burger for myself and a kid’s meal for Lucas or try to takedown a Man Size burger? There was no way that I could finish a humongous, 1lb burger by myself. But, could I do it with some help from Lucas? Maybe! And, if I couldn’t, at least we’d get to pose with a massive burger that’s got to be the size of a cake!

big juds

After looking over the menu, we went with the Big Jud Special- World Famous 1lb Burger.

For $16.99, the burger comes with cheddar cheese, large fry and a drink. For that price, it was worth ordering this man-sized burger for the pure novelty alone!

big juds

When we walked in, I noticed the Big Jud’s Wall of Fame. Two boards displayed photos of diners that completed that completed the Big Jud Special or the Double Big Jud Special!

big juds

When our meal arrived, it was instant laughter and fun. Our massive burger took up a lot of space on the table along with the huge bowl of tater tots. (The plate of veggies would usually be on the burger but I had them on the side.)

big juds

Besides Big Jud’s serving massive burgers, they also have extremely friendly and nice staff. The waitresses were happy to take photos of Lucas & I posing with our 1lb Big Jud Special.

big juds

I think this photo shows just how enormous a 1lb burger is!

big juds

The burger is covered in cheddar cheese.

big juds

Eating the Big Jud Special required a game plan. I first cut the burger in half and then cut Lucas his own slice.

big juds

Lucas’s burger slice alone was probably the size of a small burger! Lucas loved the burger and finished his first slice and did a pretty good job on another.

To be honest, I felt that the burger was nothing special at all. Would I call it a tasty burger? Not really. It was just a massive chunk of meat, lacking the flavor I like from a good burger. It’s not something that I’d want to eat again. (I did wonder if a regular burger at the restaurant tasted better.)

As for the tater tots, they were very good but I tried to not eat too many so I could help make a dent in our massive 1 pounder!

Regardless, we had so much fun eating at Big Jud’s.

big juds

Here is what’s left of our Big Jud Special.

I think Lucas and I did a pretty good job attempting to conquer the Big Jud Special. We didn’t finish it off, but we did give it our best shot!

Big Jud’s has three locations in Idaho. We visited the Boise location. Find out more about the restaurant on their website here.

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