Trying Out the Most Unique Idaho Potato in Boise

During my trip to Boise, Idaho with Lucas earlier this summer, we had a fun time checking out various sites around the city.

We also tried some of Boise’s culinary highlights. One of the fun things we did was start off our trip by trying to conquer Big Jud’s 1lb Burger. (Find out how we did in my post.)

To finish our visit, we decided to head over to the Westside Drive-In to try what might just be the most unique Idaho potato!

Lucas and I visited the original Westside Drive-In located at 1929 W State Street.

This ’50s era drive-in has been around since 1957 and offers drive through or walk-up window service. It has a pretty extensive menu of which Lucas and I tried a few things.

I came across the Westside Drive-In thanks to the handy TV Food Maps app. The restaurant made an appearance back in 2009 on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

While we did have dinner at the restaurant, the main reason we visited was to find out about and try the Westside Drive-In’s famous Idaho Ice-Cream Potato!

When I first came across the item I wasn’t really sure what to expect. From a couple of photos which I came across online, the item looked like a potato skin filled with ice cream or something along those lines. However, did this really make much sense? Not exactly, so I had to find out more.

After ordering our dinner, I asked about the ice cream potato. I was told that there was no Idaho potato in the item! It was a very popular dessert and they were the only place allowed to make it and from what I recall, it was sold to other establishments.

I watched them prepare our potato and was pretty impressed!

The ice cream potatoes are pre-made so they grab one from the freezer and then place it in a dish, cover it with some whipped cream & chocolate topping. They then fill the bottom of the dish with chocolate syrup.

It’s actually pretty crazy how real the ice cream potato looks. The potato is vanilla ice cream covered with cocoa powder all over the outside. I guess you could say that the whipped cream added to the split at the top is supposed to be sour cream! 🙂

So how did it taste?

While Lucas and I did enjoy our Idaho Ice Cream potato,  I wouldn’t say that it was a great item. What is great is the novelty of it. The vanilla ice cream that it’s made from wasn’t premium vanilla by any means. The parts with the skin (cocoa powder) were definitely better. I tried to avoid eating the chocolate syrup at the bottom of the dish. If it was hot fudge, I think it would’ve been much better.

Overall, we enjoyed this unique Idaho potato and feel it’s definitely worth a try. Is it a great item? No, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.

Find out more about the Westside Drive-In here.

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  1. While it ultimately didn’t catch on commercially, years ago Reed’s Dairy in Idaho Falls made six or eight flavors of ice cream with much of the milk solids replaced by potatoes. Had about 40% fewer calories than regular ice cream, had excellent texture and mouth feel, and tasted great – it was very popular locally. They still make some of the best ‘regular’ ice cream I’ve ever eaten – put it on your list when you next visit Eastern Idaho!

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