Entrance Fee to Angkor Temples Going Up

Angkor Temples

The Angkor Temples rank high on my list of favorite sites/ places in the world.

I particularly enjoyed visiting some far- off temples which weren’t overrun with tourists although the most popular ones are busy for a reason- they’re amazing!

Kim and I visited Cambodia back in 2009. I’d say (at least back then) that it was a great budget travel destination. While I haven’t looked into what prices are like in the country now, one thing will be drastically going up.

Entry fees to the Angkor temples will “almost double in February“, according to the Washington Post.

Single day tickets currently cost $20 and will be going up to $37. A three-day ticket will rise from $40 to $62 and a 7-day ticket which is good over the course of a one month period will cost $72 in February, up from the current price of $60.

No reason was given for the increase in ticket prices. However, “the government said $2 from each ticket sold will be donated to a Swiss-owned children’s hospital, Kantha Bopha, which provides free treatment“, according to the Washington Post.

While the prices to visit the Angkor temples are going up quite a bit, I can’t say that the fees seem so outrageous. A one day ticket is a bit pricey at $37 but the three and 7-day tickets don’t seem so high. Getting the opportunity to visit such an amazing place is still worth the price.

Find out more from the Washington Post here.

2 thoughts on “Entrance Fee to Angkor Temples Going Up

  1. Talk to the locals and they will tell you that the fees are all going to someone’s pocket and not really the community.

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