Deep Fried Twinkies Available at Walmart Now

Deep Fried Twinkies

Back in June there was news of a strange snack food partnership about to take place.

Grub Street reported that Walmart and Hostess were teaming to bring Deep Fried Twinkies to the freezer sections of Walmart’s around the country.

Well now the day has come for Twinkies fans!

Starting today, August 16, Deep Fried Twinkies will be available in over 4,000 Walmart stores.

Grub Street mentioned that the cakes were “previously only available at state fairs” and were now being made as “a frozen, boxed product that it could sell at supermarkets“.

deep fried twinkies

Frozen deep fried Twinkies will exclusively be sold at Walmart for at least one year. They will come in two flavors- original golden and chocolate which you can bring home and heat up.

Grub Street didn’t mention pricing on these special Twinkies so I did a search at Deep Fried Twinkies will come in 7 packs and will cost $4.76. Not so surprisingly, they’re only available in-store.

Are you interested in trying out a Deep Fried Twinkie? I have to say that I’m curious about them.

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