The Awesome Off-Menu Burger at American Cut Tribeca, NYC

American Cut

Last summer I came across an off-menu burger at steakhouse American Cut located in New York City’s Tribeca.

The chef and owner of American Cut is Iron Chef Marc Forgione. The restaurant has been ranked as one of the top steakhouses in American multiple times. Impressive, right!

I was hoping to go to American Cut to try their burger but hadn’t had the chance to do so until recently.

The burger is only served at the bar area and a limited amount are available each day! When I first heard about the burger, I read that each day at 4:20 pm, @AmericanCut¬†(on Twitter) would tweet out how many were available. (I haven’t seen a tweet from them about the burger since May.)

I also find Tribeca a bit of a pain to get to from home. However, I recently had plans to attend NYC Travel Massive which was being hosted right around the corner from AC! Since I wanted to grab dinner before the event, a visit to the bar of American Cut seemed like the a great idea.

My brother and I arrived at a relatively busy bar area and immediately asked if the burger was available before grabbing a table in the bar area.

american cut

After a short wait, our burgers arrived and they looked & smelled awesome!

All of the components of the burger are made in-house. While the burger is not huge, the patty is still a nice size. It’s topped with a gooey beer cheese and carmelized onions. The pretzel bun gives the burger a lot of height but it squishes down nicely to hold all of the ingredients in.

The burger comes with pickles on the side which I did not try and a little condiment cup filled with tasty fries which could’ve been a bit crispier. At the bottom of the cup, the fries sat in a tasty sauce. My guess was that it’s a mix of ketchup and mayo.

American Cut

The Main Event- the In-House Burger:

American cut

It didn’t take more than one bite for me to decide that American Cut makes an awesome, tasty and luxurious feeling burger.

Why would I call it luxurious? Well to me, it just feels and tastes expensive and high-end. (It isn’t cheap coming in at $18. Luckily you could get a beer for $3!)

The burger itself is a really delicious patty, cooked medium with just a touch of pink inside. I really liked the flavor and you can see on the plate that it’s pretty juicy. The gooey cheese was tasty and complements the burger well. I was surprised that more of the cheese didn’t drip off. The one thing that I thought could’ve had more flavor were the onions which I didn’t really feel added much to the package. And the bun was so good that I’d eat it by itself!

I was trying to find out more details about the burger and according to Grub Street it’s a “dry-aged rib-eye in the blend, onions caramelized in bourbon, and beer cheese made from Fontina, Cheddar, and Brooklyn Lager“.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend trying the burger at American Cut. You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget- it’s only available at the bar and is not on the menu. Just ask for it and hope that it’s available!

American Cut Tribeca is located at 363 Greenwich Street. Check them out online here.

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