Join the Mile High Club with Flamingo Air

Mile High Club

I recently came across an interesting/ odd tweet from @JohnnyJet while skimming through Twitter.

Joining the mile high club has got to be a difficult thing to do, especially without others catching you in the act. However, there’s an airline in Cincinnati that wants to make it a lot easier for you for a fee…

Johnny Jet’s tweet led to an article from Fox News Magazine about Flamingo Air.

I can’t say that I’ve heard of Flamingo Air before but they’re a small airline offering Flight School, Airline Ground School , Sightseeing Tours and more.

Flamingo Air’s sightseeing tours offer a special “Romantic Adventure” for 2. The 60 minute tour will set you back $475.

Here’s a description of the tour from Flamingo, “Enjoy a one hour romantic flight with someone special.  Enter a private, curtained off aircraft for a once in a lifetime romantic experience.  You will receive champagne, chocolates and a very discreet pilot.  Great for birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals and any special occasion“.

A private curtain doesn’t sound like a very private and romantic way for those looking to join the Mile High Club to gain admittance!

Wouldn’t you think that the whole fun/ excitement of joining the ‘mile high club’ is because you’re not really supposed to? Wouldn’t flying with intention of having sex loose that factor?

Fox News Magazine mentions that CEO David MacDonald “20 years ago, he was discussing the mile high club with friends and he got the idea to create an airline to help people have sex“.

Thousands of couples have paid for these flights including “a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and a pair with eight kids who simply wanted some time to themselves“.

The article says that the flight can definitely be awkward thanks to the small space, turbulence and the pilot only being hidden behind a curtain!

I wonder if Flamingo Air has a loyalty club? My guess is that it would be called… The Mile High Club!

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