JetBlue Mosaic Status, Valuable or Worthless?

JetBlue Mosaic

I recently shared my impressive experience flying with JetBlue Mosaic status.

In my post I wrote how JetBlue employees really seem to take the status seriously. I also included what Mosaic does for you.

Some comments were quite abrasive and uncalled for.

Here are a couple of the comments:

  • Kreski wrote “please don’t take your status too seriously”.
  • Ryan wrote “Wow man, what a lunatic. I laugh at reading these things and I think…really!? Are people that full of themselves? Makes me never want to hold airline status again“.

I didn’t realize that sharing an experience was taking the status too seriously or becoming a lunatic! Geez!

Another comment I loved was that “no upgrades equals not an interesting status to have,” from Shay Peleg.

Well Shay I beg to differ.

JetBlue Mosaic does still offer some solid benefits like:

  • Cancel and change flights without paying fees
  • Free checked bags (if you have the branded credit card you get this benefit, too)
  • Early boarding
  • Free drinks during the flights
  • Pay with points to upgrade to Even More Space, a benefit only for Mosaic members.
  • A dedicated JetBlue Mosaic customer service phone # ( 1-877-JET-TRUE).

Still not bad if you ask me.

JetBlue already gives a fair amount of space while flying in their regular seats. Unless you happen to be very tall, I can’t say that I really see a need to pay anything extra for Even More Space.

The main benefit I see in getting the upgraded seats is early access to overheard bin space since you also board early. Another benefit is getting off of the plane quicker if you choose those seats at the front of the plane.

On the way home from Lucas and my trip to Mexico, I noticed that there was some space in the Even More Space seats. While checking in I decided to ask if there were any seats closer up (we were assigned seats 19A & 19B) and also wondered if Mosaic status would provide even more benefits. After giving the Even More Space seats a look, I figured it would also be nice to be seated in them to give them a try.

Before I continue, to answer the question asked in this post’s title, yes I definitely feel that JetBlue Mosaic status does have value and the airline as a whole seems to make an effort to acknowledge members.

JetBlue Mosaic

Within moments, Lucas and I were reassigned seats 3A and 3B! Score! For free, I’ll gladly take the extra legroom

When we arrived at the gate I got the gate tag for Lucas’s stroller and briefly chatted with the friendly agent. We then enjoyed the views from the windows of the planes being loaded/ unloaded.

Just before boarding, Lucas needed to use the little boy’s room. When we got back to the gate, boarding had already began. The agent from earlier mentioned that he was looking for us and that we could go ahead and board.

Lucas and I had the window and middle seat and a man was sitting in the aisle.

I got Lucas situated and needed to get some things from my bag which was stored in the overhead bin. One nice thing I immediately noticed about Even More Space seats was that I could get in and out of the aisle without having the other passenger get up.

JetBlue Mosaic

Once I sat down I was impressed by how much extra room the Even More Space seats provided. But is it worth spending $60- $70 more for this luxury?

While I liked the easy access to the aisle, this wasn’t even an issue as the man next to us switched seats, one row ahead to give us more space (as well as more space for himself)!

JetBlue Mosaic

I always say that flying with a little kid gives us a bit of extra room anyways. As you can see, Lucas certainly doesn’t need an Even More Space seat. He is very comfortable sitting with his legs crossed, you know, like a pretzel.

Having more legroom is never a bad thing but for this traveling family if I’m paying, I’ll pass on having Even More Space seats. If I’m getting it as a free upgrade or benefit though, I’ll gladly accept it!

What do you think- is JetBlue’s Even More Space seats worth the extra cost?

11 thoughts on “JetBlue Mosaic Status, Valuable or Worthless?

  1. Trygve STout- The main benefits of Mosaic are free flight cancellations, free checked bags which you can also get if you have the credit card, early boarding and free drinks. If you’re the type who might cancel flights a lot, this can definitely save you.

  2. I was short for point toward Mosaic at the end of year 2017, so I made my next business travel trip, and paid for the trip with my AMEX.
    Unsure of Mosaic for year 2018 I called to reconfirm that my Mosaic status was secure, only to learn that my recently (before the end of yr 2017) booked and paid in full for trip would not count toward the 2018 Mosaic year.
    The special offer from JetBlue would have me spend $250.00 to buy points toward Mosaic 2018 for which I am having difficulty justifying as an expense. I see these dollars as buying little to nothing in benefit to me.
    Am I wrong in my thinking?
    Am I missing something?
    I fly about every 2-3 weeks East coast routes on JetBlue.

  3. Eh I am a business traveler and never had problems but for me usually the travel day is burned so if I am a few hours late no big deal because the conventions happen the next day. As a business owner I have so many FF / flex points from the major airlines I have the luxury of not caring to earn any more legacy airline points and just burn the points when needed. I find the Jetblue points refreshing as I can just book the flight I want instead of hoping for inventory to open up. LAX – JFK is roughly 46,000 points each way which is about what AA charges nowadays anyways. I will pretty much be flying mint and short hops like LGB – LAS, which is what will get me the points match bonus, so it works for me. LGB has come along nicely since my early days of flying B6 from a decade ago. Glad to hear about Mosaic status. Those free upgrades to EMS seem like a nice hidden perk. I will have to that out once I get my Mosaic status. About 2/3 the way there from company cc spend 🙂

  4. rjb- As a business traveler it does sound like JetBlue is a tough one for you. I only fly for leisure so I see some good things with Mosaic. I agree the free upgrades should be included somewhere but if you really want it, ask at the airport. We got it coming home just by asking for a seats towards the front!

    Charlie- Glad to hear you’re enjoying Mosaic! I honestly feel that their coach seats offer an adequate amount of space too.

    Oz- Glad I could be of some help!

    Aaron- Totally and good point. I don’t see why they don’t automatically offer the upgrade if the seats are empty. If you have Mosaic, you should ask to be moved up next time when checking in.

    Jeff- The changes are definitely a nice benefit.

  5. You forgot to mention free same day changes up to 24 hours before even to or from a different airport in the region ! I will take this VERY seriously, thank you!

  6. Compared to other airline statuses, Mosaic is definitely on the weaker side. My biggest complaint with it is the “Even More Space” seats. I’ve been on many JetBlue flights where an entire row of EMS seats have gone out empty. JetBlue is not making any money off these seats, so why not give them free to a Mosaic member as a gesture of good will? I get it, airlines aren’t in the business of gestures of good will. But for a status that I’m sure they know pales in comparison to the top statuses of the big 3, it’s a small (and almost zero effort) gesture that I’m sure will go a long way.

  7. I recently relocated to the Ft. Lauderdale area and switched from United (6 years as a 1K) to JetBlue. I took the status match to Mosaic and for the most part have been pretty happy (I typically fly 1 r/t every week, the destination varies).

    Sure, JetBlue has its faults, but it’s been working out for me so far. Upgrades matter less to me now that job is mostly East Coast flying, so the economy experience at JetBlue is fine. I do miss some of the ‘full service airline’ aspects like the lounge access and I miss redeeming for Star Alliance flights, but as much as i’ve tried to give United my money this year, i’m finding that the JetBlue flights have better options out of my new home airport.

    Plus, i’ve been finding that in most cases, they upgrade me to an EMS at no cost just by politely inquiring at check in, or at the gate. (I’ve paid a few times in advance, but the cost in points is so negligible that it really didnt matter).

  8. JetBlue is a tough airline for business travelers. Mosaic is weak but not worthless.

    1. Due to low frequencies, little or non redundancy in their schedule and horrible operations, you are screwed if you fly jetBlue and encounter IRROPS.
    – I fly the same route on B6 a lot and end up on the same flights. One flight is late 40% of the time, the other is late nearly 80% of the time
    – If one of these fights is cancelled, you are overnighting unless you buy a walk up ticket on another airline. The extra money I spend on walk ups negates any savings from JetBlue
    -If a crew member is missing, you are screwed. You’d think they could find a extra flight attendant at JFK, but apparently they have no extras!
    2. They are trying very hard to make Mosaic meaningful but there’s not much there. They won’t even put you in an even more space seat without forking over more $$
    3. The best benefit is being able to change flights. Unfortunately, I have to do that frequently when I can’t afford to be late for a certain trip because their operations are so unreliable.
    4. The Boarding early benefit only works when they actually board on time in an organized fashion. This is rare as they usually board early to try and get an on time departure or there is chaos because the flight is late and there is a mad crush at the gate.

    On the other hand, they are not United so that’s a plus.

    1. We fly frequently and need flexibility. The fee free cancellations and changes save us hundreds, if not thousands. Well, we probably wouldn’t change flights so we find the value in the flexibility!

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