Man Traveling the World With Pet Chicken

traveling the world
image: Voyage D’Yvinec

Kim, Lucas and I love to travel as a family. Some might like to travel with a friend or even go on solo adventures.

One French man is traveling the world with his pet chicken!

Yes, you read that correctly… Guirec Soudée is sailing around the world with his pet chicken named Monique.

This odd traveling duo met back in 2013 on the Canary Islands. T+L says that “Soudée was intrigued by the flightless bird and decided to bring her along on his next voyage, so he would have fresh food (eggs, not chicken) while he crossed the sea.”

I can’t say that the idea doesn’t actually make some sense. Bringing a companion along that can supply food does actually sound like a smart idea.

In May 2014, Soudée and Monique traveled to St Barts. During 28 days at sea, Monique laid 25 eggs and never got seasick. In July 2015, they set off for Greenland. This journey took 2 months!

One of the coolest parts of Soudée’s adventure is that he’s written a children’s book about his travels with a chicken which comes out in France this summer!

Soudée has a Voyage D’Yvinec and Facebook page where you can follow his journey and check out some entertaining photos with Monique.

Find out more from T+L here.


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