Allegiant Air Coming to the New York Market

Allegiant Air
image: wikimedia commons

Most of you would probably agree that the more airline choices we have, the better. Competition is good and it can definitely help to bring down the prices on flights.

I was happy to come across news that budget airline Allegiant Air was coming to the New York market!

Allegiant Air is adding “four less-than daily routes” (according to Skift) from Newark Airport starting in November.

The four destinations which Allegiant will fly to are areas that are (more or less) of interest to me.

The airline will fly to:

  • Savannah, Georgia,
  • Asheville, North Carolina,
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Cincinnati, OH

I haven’t really considered visiting Knoxville but I have thought about and would like to visit the other three destinations. Maybe I’ll get to give Allegiant a try in the future.

Skift mentions that Allegiant Air usually flies to smaller markets and in doing so they usually have no nonstop competition. It will be interesting to see how United deals with Allegiant moving in on their turf…

Lukas Johnson, vice president of network and pricing for Allegiant told Skift that it’s possible that the airline will add more destinations from Newark in the future but he doesn’t see them ever having a large presence there.

Are you happy to see Allegiant coming to the NYC area? I’m hoping to give the airline a try at some point.

Find out more from Skift here.

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