Star Wars, Poland- Style!

Star Wars

Lucas and I recently took a trip to Poland over spring break. (Kim didn’t come on the trip for a very good reason.)

This trip was our first Father Son Trip which went really well! (Find out about 11 Things I Learned from Our First Father Son Trip.)

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Lucas is the kind of kid that can have fun doing just about anything. However, what gets him really excited besides visiting McDonald’s

Lucas loves getting little toys or prizes for being a good little explorer during our trips (if we find anything worth buying!).

We didn’t stop in many stores, and the market hall had nothing of much interest. Lucky for Lucas, some stands around Krakow’s main square as well as a few others near the Wieliczka Salt Mine had some toys of interest.

The toys were somewhat familiar, based on possibly the most successful movie franchise in history, Star Wars.

Or were they?

Star Wars

Lucas loves LEGOs, so when we spotted Star Wars LEGOs at a reasonable price, I let him pick a couple out.

I thought I had misread while looking over the toys but it turned out that they weren’t LEGO Star Wars figures. In Poland, they sell Star Wart figures from LEBQ.

Star Wars

Star Wars

If you just glance at the package, you might not notice the play on words of this bootleg toy but Star Wart stood out to me right away.

I told Lucas about the name of the toy and he didn’t seem to mind. And at around $2 per figure, it gave him a fun little toy to play with during our trip.

Have you ever come across a funny bootleg item around the world?

2 thoughts on “Star Wars, Poland- Style!

  1. Once saw knock-off Rolex watches at a kiosk in Asia. Identical to the real deal, except they said “ROREX” on the face. Bought three (now long dead and gone)…. my poor dad first though I’d spent too much money on watches, then thought I was mocking the selling country for calling the watch a ROREX. Then he read the face. Priceless.

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