Plane With 17 Skydivers Crashes, All Onboard Survive

image: wikimedia commons

When a plane crashes, it’s usually tragic news.

A small plane crashed carrying 17 skydivers but luckily all onboard survived. Even more surprising is that none of the 18 people on the plane sustained any major injuries.

The plane took off from the Parachute Center Skydiving School in Lodi, California. The single-engine Cessna 208 “experienced trouble shortly after taking off“.

The plane crashed one mile from the airport after the pilot tried turning the plane back. It landed on the opposite side of Highway 99. In another stroke of luck, nobody on the ground was hurt either.

When help arrived at the scene, it found the plane which landed upside down in a vineyard with all of the skydivers and the pilot standing around. Injuries weren’t more than scrapes and cuts.

Tragedy was avoided thanks to the pilot who flew the plane under power lines and away from a house close to the crash area.

Find out more from FOX News here.

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