Delta Flight Attendant Charged w/ Stealing 1500 Mini-Liquor Bottles

Delta Flight Attendant

Delta flight attendants haven’t made the news in 2016 for good reasons.

Back in January I wrote about a plane making an unscheduled landing due to two flight attendants fights fighting. Now a Delta flight attendant faces charges for allegedly committing a really stupid crime.

Rachel Trevor, a 28 year old Delta flight attendant is being charged with stealing close to 1,500 mini-bottles of liquor to sell online.

Trevor “has been indicted on charges including theft, unlawful sale of alcohol and unauthorized transportation of alcohol“.

After flights, Trevor was putting the mini-bottles of rum, vodka, gin, whiskey and more in her bag and then posted them for sale on Craigslist.

While the bottles sell for around $8 during a flight, Trevor offered them at a deep discount, $1 each.

Find out more from the New York Post here.

3 thoughts on “Delta Flight Attendant Charged w/ Stealing 1500 Mini-Liquor Bottles

  1. Jason- Good one!

    FabinhoBP- Interesting… I don’t think upgrading the husband sounds so bad but giving a bag of mini-bottles is odd and I’d think it could probably get her into trouble.

  2. Earlier this year I was traveling on AA Business Class from MIA to CNF in Brazil and witnessed something that completely shocked me.
    First, as the plane closed the door and was ready to depart, a Flight Attendant brought a man from coach and had him seated by my side. He later mentioned to me the Flight Attendant was his wife (they were both Brazilians).
    This already did not sound right to me but since this was not my business I kept quiet.
    Then, about 30 minutes before we landed, she came from coach with a large plastic bag and gave to the man and told him to hide it quickly. She talked to him in portuguese but since I was born in Brazil, I understood everything she said.
    I pretend I did not see or heard anything but could not avoid noticing him dump a large quantity of mini-liquor bottles in his backpack and carry-on bag.
    I am an AA Executive Platinum and at that moment I wondered if I should call AA and report what I had seen, but decided not to get involved.
    I did upset me a lot seeing this couple “stealing” from AA.

  3. Delta would have thrown my Grandma in Prison. Except she did not sale them she drank them. Also was a nice addition to the bar. But maybe that is the real reason TWA is no longer……..

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