Vanessa Hudgens Shares Location of Red Rocks Carving, Authorities Give Options

Vanessa Hudgens
image: wikimedia commons

Back in February  I wrote how actress Vanessa Hudgens was being investigated for carving into the Sedona Red Rocks. If found guilty, she could face a fine up to $5,000 or even jail time.

With the Red Rocks District being so large (around 160,000 acres), I found it interesting that she was caught due to social media. (Next time you want to share a pic on  Instagram, think twice before hitting that post button!)

The AP reported that authorities are now offering the actress a couple of options based on their findings.

Hudgens can either “pay a fine and restitution or appear in court,” according to the AP.

She was contacted by the Forest Services and she provided the location of the carving.

I’d think the fact that she shared the location would be an admission of guilt so are there any doubts that Hudgens will just pay the fine? I can’t imagine that she would want to face charges in court!

Find out more from the AP here.

3 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens Shares Location of Red Rocks Carving, Authorities Give Options

  1. My humble opinion- She made a mistake and she’s owning up to it. Dumb move to carve the rocks .

    The alternative would be to pull a Hillary Clinton – deny, stonewall, obfuscate, say the picture wasn’t actually taken in Sedona, etc. and make the authorities charge her, issue a warrant and then try her in a court of law with no evidence other than the photo. I’m guessing she doesn’t live in Arizona so that makes the legal process much more challenging for the authorities. I think everyone learned a lesson here. move on.

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