Tourists Brutally Attacked in Thailand

image: CBS

When I think of dangerous travel destinations Thailand doesn’t really come to mind. However, could this be changing?

In an article from CBS News, they mention an attack on four French tourists back in March and in 2014 two tourists were killed on Koh Tao.

A recently released video shows the brutal attack of a British family in Hua Hin by a gang on April 13.

The family which was attacked include a 68 year old man, his 65 year old wife and their 43 year old son.

The video shows the¬†family walking down a busy street at night “amid festivities for the Thai New Year“. ¬†The police said that the problem started when the son accidentally bumped into a member of the Thai gang.

After some back and forth, all three of the British family members got punched in the face, got kicked and stomped on. When all of them appear to be unconscious the attacks stopped. Once the gang has left, others then came to help the family.

All four men involved in the attacks have been arrested- three of them within days of the attack, the last one yesterday. The men apologized and said they wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t drunk. (Wow, what an excuse..)

As for the family- they ended with some pretty nasty injuries. The father and son had head wounds, needing stitches. The mother’s injuries caused buildup of fluid in her brain which required surgery.

Find out more and check out the video here.

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    1. @Steve — To suggest that you should not travel outside the US as it is overall unsafe to do such is overreaching — attacks against individuals occur in the US as well. I would not advocate traveling to a country with a US warnings against such travel, but point out that numerous countries outside the US often time have crime statistics as good if not better than what we have in the US.

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