New Must-Have Aviation Geek Item- Boeing 737 Jet Engine…

Boeing 737 Jet
image: Gizmodo

I recently came across the new must-have piece of furniture for any aviation nerd/ geek out there.

How would you like to have a chair made from a Boeing 737 jet engine!

The chair looks like a beautiful piece but Gizmodo reports that “Fallen Furniture doesn’t list a price for this amazing creation“.

The chair has a nice polished aluminum swiveling base and the interior is covered with black leather.

While the price of the Boeing 737 Jet Engine chair is unknown, Gizmodo is wise to point out that the price might not be your only issue. Getting it into your home or office might be an even bigger problem!

Rather than this chair ending up in an office or a home, a better place to display this piece might be at a place like the Delta Flight Museum.

Considering Earth Day just passed on April 22, making chairs/ furniture out of old airplane parts seems to be a smart way to recycle!

Find out more from Gizmodo here.

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