US State Department Issues Travel Alert for ALL of Europe

US State Department
By U.S. Government-WikimediaCommons  

Travel warnings are usually issued for specific country where danger might arise, not an entire continent.

Due to the horrific Brussels suicide bombing attacks which took place a few days back, the US State Department has issued a somewhat surprising travel warning…

The US State Department has created an alert for all of Europe. Yes, all of Europe.

According to the alert, “The State Department alerts U.S. citizens to potential risks of travel to and throughout Europe following several terrorist attacks, including the March 22 attacks in Brussels claimed by ISIL“.

Europe as a whole isn’t a place that I’d expect to see an alert issued for. However, with terrorism shrinking our travel world, maybe it is time to start thinking differently.

Some other countries with travel alerts include Turkey, Congo, Iran, Haiti, Algeria, Burundi as well as many African & Middle East nations.

The Europe alert mentions terrorists “targeting sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and transportation“.

Will this new Europe-wide travel alert from the US State Department make you reconsider plans for visiting the continent in the near future?

I’d probably avoid certain countries but not avoid Europe as a whole.

Check out the full Europe travel alert here.

4 thoughts on “US State Department Issues Travel Alert for ALL of Europe

  1. DaninMCI- Yes part of Turkey is in Europe. (About 3% land, 10% of population based on figures I looked up.) Would you classify Turkey as part of what most would consider Europe? I wouldn’t.

    DavidB- I think the warning for all of Europe is a bit much…

    Chris- I wouldn’t call it dumb. I believe there were warnings for some US cities from European nations due to violence.

  2. I just find this a dumb warning. Stupid. Europe is safe. Does europe give warnings to not visit schools and universities in the USA? No! More peopel died there in shootings

  3. Really? This from a country that has over 100 gun deaths a week, and in cities like Chicago and New Orleans more people randomly killed or seriously injured from this sort of violence than have died this decade in all of Europe from “terrorists”, Paris included.

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