Ridiculous Products: A Wearable Bed!

Ridiculous ProductsOver the years I’ve come across many ridiculous products which were related to travel.

One of the strangest products that I can recall is the B-Tourist where you could get comfy and private during a flight. There’s also the totally weird and crazy Ostrich Pillow.

Now imagine a wearable bed!

I came across an article from Curbed with the title “A Hotel Chain Has Invented a Way For You to Never Get Out of Bed“. I was definitely curious to learn more…

While a way to never get out of bed wasn’t exactly created, Jurys Inn did create a fun product as a “marketing stunt“.

The Jurys Inn came up with the “Suvet“, a suit made out of a duvet.

The suvet is bound to keep you warm and comfy but you also might feel absolutely ridiculous walking around in it!

Find out more from Curbed here.

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