My Lufthansa First Class Lounge Prize Arrives (Quack Quack)

Earlier in the week I wrote that I won another Lufthansa First Class Lounge duck in a Twitter contest.

I’d been looking forward to seeing which duck I won this time and just hoped that I wasn’t sent the same duck that I had won back in October 2014.

My package arrived a few days back. I found it funny how one of the forms on the box had listed that a rubber duck was inside!So which duck did the Lufthansa First Class Terminal (@LufthansaFCT) send me?

I tore open the box, wondering which duck it could be.

I pulled out a duck which was holding a Frankfurt sign coming out of some grass with a flower. The duck also says 10 Jahre right above the words Lufthansa First Class Terminal. I planned to find out what the duck was representing but then I noticed a card inside.

Here is what the card said: “Congratulations from FRA 🙂 We’ve sent you our 10 year-anniversary duck. Hope you like it 🙂

I think that my new 10 year anniversary duck is pretty cool and he’ll be a good friend for my king duck.

I was curious to find out if this was a newer duck and came across a post from Lufthansa Flyer from December 3, 2014. According to his post this anniversary duck was only available for 2-3 days and it might be one of the rarest and most collectible Lufthansa ducks. Pretty cool stuff!

If you’d like to try to win a Lufthansa Duck from Twitter, make sure to keep an eye out for a contest like this.

Have you won or collected any ducks from the Lufthansa First Class Lounges or Terminal? If so, what kind of duck did you get?

2 thoughts on “My Lufthansa First Class Lounge Prize Arrives (Quack Quack)

  1. My 1st first class adventure included a trip on Lufthsansa for our family of 4 from SAN-FRA-BLQ. We were newbies and had no idea what awaited us in Frankfurt. It was incredible and a very fun way to get into the traveling on points world. We didn’t know we could keep the duckies though…. Saving up so we can go again!!

  2. My wife and I flew LH F at that time and we got two of those ducks by sheer luck. Looking forward to visiting the FCT in a week or so!

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