Long Layover in Amsterdam? KLM Offers FREE Tours!

KLM OffersI’ve been to Amsterdam in the past and I wouldn’t mind visiting again. It’s been quite sometime since my trip there and I’d at least like a long layover.

You’re probably wondering why??? If you’re flying with one particular airline, you might be able to get something fun for free.

KLM offers free Amsterdam city tours on layovers of six hours or longer in a new program starting soon called Layover With A Local.

According to Frommer’s, “If you’re connecting through Schiphol Airport on KLM—and some 70% of its passengers do—then you qualify for a free local guide“.

Pretty cool and definitely a great way to pass the time!

During your layover tour, KLM will give you:

  • A free train ticket from the airport into the city
  • Directions to find your local guide (selected based on things you’d like to see)
  • Your first drink is on KLM
  • Most importantly, they’ll show you around!

To participate, KLM passengers with the long layover must have an Apple phone and be able to make calls or texts or hopefully have WiFi. The reason for this is so your guide can get in touch with you. Also, once your visit is over “a free app comes up with a schedule to make sure you get back to the airport in time“.

KLM’s Layover With A Local program runs between March 22  and May 31 2016. It is being offered to passengers departing from the US, Canada and Italy.

Find out more about KLM’s Layover With A Local program here.

4 thoughts on “Long Layover in Amsterdam? KLM Offers FREE Tours!

  1. When flying from Cape Town to Toronto via Amsterdam on March 26, 2017,
    we have a layover of 21h 20m from 12:20 pm to 9:40 am March 27.
    Is it possible to reserve an hotel room or some such for that time? We are
    senior citizens, 84 and 81 years old.

  2. Flynn- The terms say KLM travelers must fly from the US, Canada or Italy so it doesn’t sound like partner flights count. I could be wrong though.

  3. If booked through the KLM site, do all the flights need to be KLM or partner flights ok? For instance, 1st leg DL (Delta), 2nd leg KL (KLM)

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