If You Like Miles and Points, You Won’t Like This Shirt

Lucky BrandBack in 2013 I wrote about A Shirt That “Fits” Me.

When traveling and visiting new places  I’m not really into purchasing souvenirs much anymore but I do like to buy t-shirts if they don’t have that cheesy- touristy feel.

I recently came across a shirt that definitely doesn’t “fit me”. It also won’t fit just about anybody that’s into collecting miles and points.

For those of us that like to earn miles and points, one of the easiest ways to earn them is by using credit cards. If a business doesn’t accept credit cards its definitely a deterrent not to visit that business.

So why won’t we like this shirt? Take a look:

Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand is selling a shirt called “Cash Only”.

The shirt is currently on sale for $23.70 (the original price was $39.50). While you can charge your purchase of the shirt at Lucky, the message is not one that most miles & points enthusiasts would like to promote!

2 thoughts on “If You Like Miles and Points, You Won’t Like This Shirt

  1. Actually most miles & points enthusiasts would promote “cash only” if it involved circulating dollar coins. One can only hope we elect a president this year who has a proven love for shiny brass. Make American great – bring back the circulating presidential dollar program!

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