Amazon Leases 20 Boeing 767 Planes

Boeing 767 has leased 20 Boeing 767 planes so that it can “handle more of its deliveries to the US”, according to the Daily Mail.

It seems that more and more people are relying on sites like Amazon for their shopping needs, especially with the speedy delivery that can now be expected.

Amazon currently uses FedEx and UPS to deliver most of its items and the cost isn’t cheap.The online retailer spent $11.5 billion on shipping last year!

The Daily Mail says that “in a bid to assume more control over its supply chain and reduce costs, Amazon has rolled out thousands of trailers and launched a program that uses contract drivers to deliver fast orders“.

Amazon’s leased planes are going into service very soon. April 1 is when they’ll be going into operation. The leases are in the range of five to seven years.

Besides the Boeing 767 planes, Amazon is also hoping to use high-speed delivery drones in the future.

Pretty interesting stuff!

Find out more from the Daily Mail here.

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