Couple Gets Married On Alaska Airlines Flight

Alaska Airlines Flight
image: Buzzfeed

Weddings can be a fun but also stressful time. Planning takes a lot of work, are usually costly and can be a pain to figure out logistically.

What if a couple could find (according to Buzzfeed) “Love at 35,000 feet”? That’s what one couple did as they walked the aisle on an Alaska Airlines flight!

Kristy Stratton, a flight attendant and her husband Jim Larson met while she was on a layover between flights. Buzzfeed mentions that the couple has “flown back and forth on the Los Angeles to Seattle route” 70 times.

While the couple got engaged close to two years back, they weren’t looking to get married too quickly. When the bride’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, plans changed.

Here is how getting married during a flight crossed a few things off of the bucket list of Stratton’s mom.

From Buzzfeed, “She told me she had a bucket list,” Stratton told BuzzFeed of her mother, who was diagnosed in Sept. 2014. “She wanted to go on a mother-daughter trip, she wanted to fly on an Alaska Airlines flight with me, and she wanted to see Jim and I married.”

When Stratton’s mom, Billie Jo was cleared to fly over an eleven day stretch, there wasn’t much time to plan a wedding. Soon after, Stratton came up with the idea to have the wedding on an Alaska flight on their special LA-Seattle route.

She was given permission by the airline’s COO to have the wedding on a February 19 flight! Custom Alaska Airlines livery shoes were made for the occasion along with a set of custom wings to exchange!

An hour into the fully booked flight, passengers were surprised with the news of what would be taking place.

Talk about a cool place to walk down the aisle!

Find out more from Buzzfeed here.

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