Uber Driver Arrested For Injuring Service Dog

Uber driver arrested

It seems like Uber drivers keep on getting into into various kinds of trouble.

One driver drove through the closed Lincoln Tunnel this past December. Last summer an Uber driver was accused of rape. In May 2015 a driver with an Uber sign in his car window sexually assaulted a woman.

Gothamist recently reported on a crazy reason why an Uber driver was recently arrested.

The driver, Muhammed Qayyum was arrested last week for yanking a small dog out of a passenger’s hands and slamming it to the ground. This caused some serious injuries to the dog including a dislocated back.

An argument took place when the driver told the passenger that he wouldn’t take the dog in his car. After telling the woman he would not drive her with the dog, Qayyum got out of the car, grabbed the dog’s leash from the owner’s hands and slammed the terrier to the ground.

The dog needed hip and knee surgery which took place a few blocks away by an emergency vet.

According to comments from Gothamist, “an Uber spoksewoman confirmed that Uber drivers are required to accommodate service animals, and that Qayyum has been suspended for the duration of an internal investigation. She also confirmed that Qayyum was involved in an altercation with a passenger, but added that driver and passenger had differing accounts“.

Gothamist cites a DNAinfo article that mentions that according to Uber, the woman refused to show proof that her terrier was a service dog. She also made racist comments and punched the driver numerous times.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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