One of Most Ridiculous Airbnb Rentals Ever!

Airbnb Rentals
image from NY Mag

We’ve enjoyed staying in Airbnb’s on a bunch of occassions. We found these stays to be an interesting way to meet locals and find out some insider info about the area.

Check out a review of our first time using Airbnb in Bali back in 2012.

In the middle of 2015 I wrote about what seemed like one of the most ridiculous Airbnb rentals ever, a sweet tent in Streamwood, Illinois.

I just came across what might be the most ridiculous Airbnb listing ever and it was located close to home in Brooklyn, NY!

Airbnb lists many unique rental options. There are pubs, yurts, castles, celebrity homes and many more. There’s even been an in-store stay at an Ikea for rent in the past.

So what could be so ridiculous about this recent Airbnb listing in Brooklyn?

After New York City was hit with a massive snowstorm this past weekend, what’s a bored Brooklynite to do?

Patrick Horton and some friends decided to build an igloo. And “since it looked so good” they decided to list a Boutique Winter Igloo for 2 in Greenpoint on Airbnb according to New York Magazine.

The listing was made as a joke and it was taken down by Airbnb within hours, but from what I read in the New York Magazine article, it did sound pretty funny!

The igloo was listed as “dripping with ingenuity and alt-lifestyle aura,” and “this snowpocalypse’s most desirable getaway…. Built completely by hand all natural. Come experience this chic dome-style bungalow“.

The listing was posted under igloo which NY Mag says is a legit category on Airbnb although I didn’t notice it upon quick inspection.

This mock listing wasn’t offered cheaply. The asking price was $200 per night!

Airbnb had to take the listing down due to building codes but they did e-mail Horton with a fun message.

We are happy to see that you guys are staying busy and having fun during Blizpocalypse… Unfortunately, your igloo, while very well constructed, has failed to meet our occupancy standards and has been removed from search results. Be sure to pick a place with running water, electricity, and a roof that doesn’t melt.”

How would you feel about staying in this Brooklyn igloo? My guess is that it wouldn’t last during your stay! However, it could be a cheaper alternative to staying in one of those ice hotels.

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Find out more from New York Magazine here.

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