New Air Laws in S.Korea Due To Korean Air Nut

Korean Air

Back in December 2014 there were stories which came out about a Nutty Korean Air VP.

The short version of the story is that the Korean Air VP was upset when nuts were served to her pre-flight. The VP had the flight attendant kicked off of the flight, causing the flight to be delayed…

After coming under heavy criticism for what she did the former VP, Heather Cho was sentenced to three years in prison.  The sentence was lessened and then the sentence was suspended.

The flight attendant involved in this nutty situation also decided to sue the airline.

It’s been quite some time since I thought about the Korean Air macadamia nut situation…

I just came across an article from Skift which mentions that the nut incident “leads to harsher aviation laws” in South Korea.

The country is changing aviation security laws. The new laws went into effect a few days back. The new laws come with some pretty hefty penalties.

Disturbing the captain or crew can be:

  • Punished by up to 5 years in prison
  • Or a fine of 50 million won ($41,461)

Being a nuisance to other passengers will cost you 10 million won which was doubled. (I wonder what kind of things count as being a nuisance, according to South Korea.)

Skift mentions that the fine used to be for 5 million won  and no prison term.

Do you think these new penalties will be a deterrent to passengers disrupting flights?

Find out more from Skift here.

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