IHG Priceless Surprises- No New Entries But 26500 Points Posted!

Priceless Surprises

While away in Cuba, getting an internet connection wasn’t so easy.

I didn’t even bother looking for a wi-fi hotspot for the first 4-5 days. Then the owner of one of our casa particulars mentioned that her block was wired… outside.

I was curious to check my e-mail, find out what was going on in the world and see if any more IHG Priceless Surprises e-mail entries had arrived.

I looked through my e-mail and was disappointed when it looked at though I had not received anymore entries.

I didn’t think more of it until a few days later. A couple of days back we were flying home through Montreal. I logged into the free airport wi-fi and went to check my AwardWallet account, noticing that I had quite a few more point in my IHG account.

Being really tired, I first had to think why I had received 26,500 points but then it hit me. Points won from the Priceless Surprises contest must’ve posted faster than the 6 week time-frame some were told it would take.

Priceless Surprises
Page from IHG Account Activity

I then logged-in to my IHG account and saw a long list of account activity.

I had in total 43 entries from the past 30 days. Two were from a recent IHG anniversary award night stay. 

The other 41 entries were points won from the IHG Priceless Surprises promo. In total, I’ve received 41 e-mails from the promo and my account has been credited for 26,500 points!

Now I’m waiting for another 39 e-mail entries to arrive and still need to write my final 14 entries.

How is the IHG Priceless Surprises promo going for you? Did any of your points post?

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12 thoughts on “IHG Priceless Surprises- No New Entries But 26500 Points Posted!

  1. Anna- I used index card and wrote everything in order. Not sure if that is a requirement. I’d open and add the DOB then reseal the envelopes… Good luck!

  2. Response already folks: did you print on the 3×5 piece of paper in the order of requirements listed in T&C? IN ORDER?

    20-30 of mine I forgot to list birthdate. They are sealed but not mailed. Would anyone chance it? Stamps are on- that is only reason for asking opinions.

  3. Michael- They are supposedly are being slammed with tons of entries. Hopefully you get some soon.

    Rich A.- Thanks for the info! I saw something about this when I got home but assumed it was old news since I was (more or less) offline for 8 days. I’ll try to share the info in a post for tomorrow! Thanks again!

    Vicente- Did you make sure to register for the promo prior to sending in your entries?

    David- If you mailed them recently, I’d expect a bit of a wait.

    RS- Thanks and what happened to you sounds crazy! The max entries allowed is 94 but the amount you received would still put you over by a bit. Silly question- are you sure that you didn’t send entries for more than one IHG account?

    1. Oops yes, 94. And definitely just the one IHG account! I’ll play 94 and wait for the points to deposit before attempting the rest. Will update here when/if the mystery is solved

    2. Yes I registered.

      This evening, I got 39 emails. Finally! I won 34 of the 500 point buckets, and then some 1,000 and one 5,000 not bad! At least now I know they weren’t tossing my envelopes on the floor.


  4. So I received 21 emails last week per my comment on a previous post (glad to hear your points were posted!) and today I received 87 emails….HUH?? That in itself is more plays than I mailed in and more than the max allowed of 84, not to mention the 21 I received last week. I haven’t stayed in a IHG hotel in years so the mail in entries are the only plays that I would have received. Has this happened to anyone else?? So bizarre.

  5. Also recently mailed in all the entries and have been wondering when I may start seeing emails….based on previous comments it may be awhile….

  6. I sent in 14 entries on the published starting postmark date. Remaining 80 entries in batches of 20. Have received NOTHING to date.

  7. Michael,
    While you’re on hotels, I’m not sure anyone has reported this but per MONEY’s site: “Hilton is midway through a two-month trial run at around two dozen of its hotels testing out what is virtually guaranteed to be the most-hated move a hotel chain could make: a $50 cancellation fee, no matter how soon after booking you cancel. Members of the Hilton Honors loyalty program are exempt from the new fee.”
    Thought you and your readers might be interested in this ——

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